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Posted by Admin on September, 30, 2023

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions followed by people across the globe. It has a rich mythology and a diverse pantheon of gods and goddesses. In India, every Hindu has a temple in their home or workplace because it ensures a calm & serene atmosphere. It also helps in improving the appearance of the place as well. Having a temple offers you the great convenience of worshipping your God that too at your own desired time. In Hindu culture, there is a prevalent trend of placing Marble god idols in the temples. This is not a new tradition as for thousands of years millions of believers have been following this trend.

Lord Hanuman, the devotee of Lord Rama is known for his strength, confidence, and firm mind to overcome obstacles. But do you know about Panchmukhi Hanuman which is the most powerful avatar of Hanuman? Panchmukhi Hanuman is believed to be one of the gigantic forms which are five-faced staring in different directions. The origin and significance of Panchmukhi Hanuman hold an important place in Ramayana.

An interesting story behind Panchmukhi Hanuman avatar

During the Ramayana War, Ravan - The demon king, desperately wants to defeat Lord Rama. He took help from his brother Ahiravana- the king of Patal Lok or the underworld. Ahiravana disguised himself as Vibhishana and abducted Lord Rama along with Lord Lakshman and took them to Patal Lok.

When Lord Hanuman came to know about the abduction, he went to Patal Lok in search of Lord Rama. There he came to know that Ahiravana's soul rested in five different lamps which were placed in different directions. If all five lamps are extinguished at the same time, only then it is possible to kill Ahiravana. Therefore, to kill Ahiravana Lord Hanuman manifested his Panchmukhi Hanuman-the five-faced avatar. Each face in different directions has different significance and importance. It is believed that temples with a statue of Panchmukhi Hanuman are protected from problems, fears, and negative energy.

Each face belongs to a different god and has unique significance-

East facing (Lord Hanuman): Brings peace, happiness, fulfilment, purity, and prosperity.

West facing (Lord Garuda): Protects from negative influence, evil spirits, and black magic.

South facing (Narasimha): Removes fear and brings victory.

North Facing (Adivaraha): Removes negative impact from planetary movements and brings wealth.

Upwards facing (Hayagriva): Brings knowledge, liberation, and progeny.

The benefits of keeping the Panchmukhi Hanuman statue-

Lord Hanuman is known as the embodiment of strength and power. Keeping the statue can offer you a sense of security and protection.

Having a Panchmukhi Hanuman Statue in your space can help you not forget your spiritual goals and keep you focused.

The statue of Hanuman can also help you when you feel like giving up or even when things seem impossible.

Finally, keeping a Panchmukhi Hanuman statue at home can simply be a way to show your devotion to this great deity.

Have you ever wondered why marble is often used for making sculptures and statues? Marble has been a popular choice among people for centuries because of its natural beauty and durability. Marble being a natural stone is very easy to work with giving the artist the flexibility to sculpt lifelike figures. It can withstand temperature changes even in harsh conditions and can last very long. Buying marble god statues from a Marble Panchmukhi Hanuman Supplier gives you a guarantee of the quality.

There are several other benefits of choosing Marble Panchmukhi Hanuman Statue-

Enhances the overall interior design

A marble god statue is a great choice for creating a sense of luxury and grandeur. It becomes a centre of attraction that is sure to impress any of your guests. Marble is known for its ability to shine and reflect light adding visual depth to your interior design.

Resistance to water and fire

Apart from adding elegance to your interiors, marble panchmukhi hanuman statues are resistant to Fire and Water. It is made from natural material which is non-porous and can stand the test of time. These marble statues can be placed anywhere without worrying about moisture, spills, and temperature.

Easy to work with

Marble is an excellent stone choice for carving as it is relatively soft which makes carving statues extremely fun. It also doesn’t chip easily when being sculpted which allows the craftsmen to use heavy-duty tools. Anything like chisels, hammers, mallets, and axes is applicable to make alluring masterpieces. It can also handle smooth curves, shapes, and shine which is hard to find in any other material easily.

Renders lifelike figures

Another popular reason why marble is used for statues is that craftsmen can render lifelike statues very easily. Marble has a very consistent texture that makes it easy to create a skin-like texture on the statue. If you want a Panchmukhi Hanuman statue to be lifelike, then marble would be an excellent choice. You won’t regret choosing this material if you want the statue to look realistic.

Durable and lasts longer

Marble is extremely durable against deterioration even after hundreds of years. Unlike other materials, marble has resistance to breaking, cracking, and fading. It is ideal for placing statues in outdoor spaces like the door entrance of the home. For those people who don't wish to replace their god idols every few years, marble statues are an incredible choice.

Environmental friendly

Marble is an eco-friendly material for anyone who wishes to reduce their environmental impact. It is a natural and renewable source whose production doesn’t require any harsh processing methods or chemicals. Whereas other materials like wood have a noticeable impact on deforestation and plastic is also considered bad for the environment.

Final Thoughts

You can simply choose Marble Panchmukhi Hanuman Marble Supplier without having a second thought. It is always preferable to buy marble god idols for temples at home or workplace. Do you want the best Marble Panchmukhi Hanuman Statue that enhances the appearance of your temple? Then it is always better to purchase from a reliable marble Panchmukhi Hanuman Statue Supplier at affordable prices.

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